Battle for the Hither Kingdom

Dazed and Confused

The Party Wakes Up, Dazed and Confused

The campaign begins with Dren dreaming about floating, flying through the air. It’s snowing and blowing around him yet he is hot, so hot that he takes off his robes to let the cool air blow over his skin. He is fighting sleep and his eyes keep closing dispite his best efforts. Than there is a falling feeling that snaps him awake and he hits the ground with a thud. Naked and cold he rises in the darkness to see things falling around him, a sword, a hat, a body. He can’t remember where he is, what he’s doing or how he got here. The campaign begins…

Crome feels the darkness close in around him, the thing that keeps him calm is a tugging at his wizards robes, his friend holding onto him. He knows his friend is there holding onto him, counting on him to lead him to safety. There is a sudden jerk and his friend is gone, pulled away by an unseen force than the water, icy and cold rushes in to take his place. Crome is soon under water tossed side to side by angry currents he claws at it with out stretched hands trying to pull himself to the surface. He bursts out and takes a big breath in waves that push him forward. It’s all he can do to make it to the shore with the wind blowing and snow falling in his face. He turns as he staggers onto the rocky shore to see a harbor littered with wrecked ships and debris through the snow storm. Crome pushes himself to keep moving. It’s not long before he finds Yesac, knocked out in the snow. He tries to help him but the wizard only mumbles “kill them, kill them all” over and over again. “This can’t be good” Crome says to himself and begins to drag the wizard to higher ground.

It’s not long before Dren finds others, Devon, Maztec, Renault, Suliban and a half dozen other sailors that they know. Everyone is confused, lost and wondering what happened and how did they get to this desolate place. It’s not long before Devon is able to make a fire than he is off to find some shelter for the group. Everyone is huddled around the fire and Dren is wearing a cape given to him by one of the hospitable sailers, it’s wet and worn but does the job of keeping the cold wind from Dren’s vitals. Devon is able to find an ruined old tower not far from the group and they quickly move to it’s shelter. As they are getting settled in Suliban spots Crome dragging Yesac and they soon have them in by the fire trying to get warm. Dren attends to the wounded, Devon and Maztec scout the surrounding area for an escape route if they need to move quickly from the tower. They find a path up the rocky hill behind the tower or they reason that they could move the other direction around the hill.

With everything in order the group settles around the fire with Suliban keeping watch at the towers broken door. The conversation turns to “Where are we and how did we get here?”. Everyone has the same blank spot in their memory, they all remember each other, who they are but not much from the last, who knows how long. Renault starts in “I remember where I met the two of you” pointing to Maztec and Suliban.

Que the flashback…

Renault was playing a set in a seedy tavern The Monster’s Den. His lute tones carrying into the alley where two drunk friends are getting jumped by a group of roughians.
Twenty leagues away a group of goblins finishes off a group of travelers keeping one alive, tied up and ready to cook.
Renault walks to the back of the Den with a full glass of wine, it’s been a good night, music is flowing and the crowd is getting into it, for a change. His attention is drawn to the alley window by a commotion. He peers through the window to see two men on their knees surrounded by several large men, a woman, their leader steps out of the shadows and leans in to whisper into one of the tied up men’s ear while showing him something in a sack. It must be something bad based on his reaction. She straightens up and pulls out a long slim knife. Renault couldn’t let this happen, he dashed towards the door exchanging his wine for his quarter staff and burst into the alley.
Devon and Dren had been tracking a group of goblins for several days and both cursed under their breaths as they came to the edge of the clearing in the dark to see they were too late. The goblins had gotten to another group of travelers before they could stop them. They could see bodies and the goblins ill gotten gains in a pile by a roaring fire. Devon stopped Dren by grabbing his arm and pointed near the fire, “there is one alive, there, we must be smart about this.” They sat and watched as a female goblin, twisted and ugly stepped up into the fire light to talk to the lone captive. She leaned in and whispered into his ear, whatever she said to him made him struggle against his bonds. She then stepped back and yelled a command in goblin. Devon understood “pull him up over the fire, we’ll roast him then we’ll see if he is the one Slay is looking for.” Devon looked at Dren “Go!” As Dren ran around the clearing to get closer to the action, Devon whispered to himself “Who ever touches that rope is dead”.
Suliban had been working on the ropes that held him, difficult when sober and near impossible when drunk but no bonds could hold Suliban. When the minstrel charged out of the door in the alley way he made his move knocking the knife from the woman’s hand and her into one of her men. The rest of the action was a blur of fists, quarter staff swings and a parrot named chuckles.
It wasn’t long for Devon to fulfill his vow. Crome’s feet raised from the rope pulling up, then they dropped with the goblin, they raised again as the next one tried to hoist him up then dropped again as he fell to an arrow as well. Chaos ensued with a flurry of action, arrows, fists and a goblin flying into the fire._

When the group was done recounting the events of that night, Suliban and Crome said in unison "As she made her escape she said “Lord Slay will not be happy”." They both looked at each other across the fire. Dren said in a low voice “That’s a bad sign”.

Things got quiet. Several of the sailors, Dren and Renault were in an uneasy sleep. Suliban stood at the door watching into the darkness for trouble. It had gotten very quiet, the wind and snow had stopped but the darkness was heavy and he could not see far. Yesac tossed and turned in his sleep his murmurs getting louder until all could hear, “the dead are coming, the dead are coming”. Crome ran over to him, “he’s possessed and needs help”. he looked to Dren who was rubbing sleep from his eyes, “what is it he’s saying?” Crome repeated it “The dead are coming!” Suliban yelled back to the group, “the sleeping wizard is right, we are surrounded by shambling dead, and they are coming for us.” Maztec’s instincts took over. He started yelling out orders to the men, “you two, cover that window, Devon, cover the opening in the wall, you help him, the two of you back up Suliban and me at the door, let’s let one in at a time and cut them down!” The confidence in his voice gave the group a steely resolve and everyone took their places. “This opening is going to be a problem, it’s too big I won’t be able to keep them out” Devon yelled to whom ever would listen. Crome jumped up from Yesac, “I can do something about that. The stones are my friends, they’ll help.” Over near the breach in the wall he knelt on the floor, chanting as he laid his hands on the ground. The dust, pebbles, rocks and larger stones began to roll away from him towards the hole in the wall, one rolling up the next as they found their positions, as if skilled hands had placed them there to repair the wall. When the spell was complete a rough window marked the spot where the breach in the wall had been. The first of the sailor zombies were cut down quickly by the group, their positions holding. The second wave numbered over 20 with the meat of the group bearing down on the front door. Maztec looked out “That undead sea dog has my shield!” Suliban looked out to see the lead undead with with the Blade family crest of wings and a sword staring back. “How could you let them get your shield!” He yelled at Maztec’s. “Enough talk” Dren swung past the two using the top of the door jam to launch into a flying drop kick into the undead holding Maztec’s shield. The force of the kick sent the shield with the skeleton arm flying. Suliban said to Maztec “Dren needs to find an under garment” they exchanged looks and ran out the door into the fray to help Dren who was taking the fight to them, punching and kicking.
At the far window Devon quickly spent all of his arrows dropping 4 of the attackers along with a well armed one that took several shots to drop. He looked at the mage Crome and the sailor with him, “I’m out of arrows, let them get into the window then we hit em.” He drew his short sword and prepared for the melee.
Renault and two of the sailors had been battling at the other window, one of the sailors was slashed across the arm but was still in the fight. With the dead pressing in Renault felt he had to do something. Murmuring a quite incantation of light and clarity the window began to glow in a bright glow. Hoping it would effect the dead fighters he stepped back to see the effects. To his dismay it did not stop the undead but it dead illuminate them giving them good targets and the sailors blades fell in on their targets.
After several tense minutes of fighting the combat was over. Several of the sailors were injured, Suliban and Maztec had sustained hits but were no worse for wear.

The first session ended with the characters searching the battlefield for useful items, stoking the fire, wondering what was in-store for them in the coming days and what things were they going to remember next.

A campaign is born
Character creation

Character creation

Thanks to Matt for hosting the game at his house. Character creation went well considering 4 of the players have never played FATE before. There are some loose ends to wrap up, some aspects to assign and a little some gaps to fill but we are off to a great start.
More to come.

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