• Almax Hoff

    Almax Hoff

    Thin and wirey Almax is a seasoned sailor.
  • Captain Braga

    Captain Braga

    Captain Braga is the salty sea captain of The Coy Mistress
  • Cea Olmas

    Cea Olmas

    Short heavy set woman sailor
  • Crazy Sidney

    Crazy Sidney

    Pirate woman, tall attractive and sadistic
  • Kex CiRed

    Kex CiRed

    Old superstitious sailor
  • Lord Slay

    Lord Slay

    Lord Slay is the new leader under the Dark Lord over the ocean.
  • Mobley Noc

    Mobley Noc

    Mobley is a harpoon man on a ship.
  • Tordek Gills

    Tordek Gills

    Big Brawny sailor
  • Troy Tobin

    Troy Tobin

    Troy Tobin, friends call him TT, sailor.